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When high expertise and accuracy count

Modern technologies such as microscopes bring daily precision to work in endodontics, periodontics and restorative treatments.

Weight balance system

A well-balanced arm provides smooth movement and precise positioning. A wide adjustment range allows for good balance, even after auxiliary equipment installation.

LED Light Source

If you respect economy and very bright light with a colour temperature of 6000° Kelvins - nearly sunlight brightness - then this Light Source is for you. The 80-Watt diode is rated at 50 000 hours.

Monitor mount

Monitor stand with adjustable ball-joint makes your treatment visible to your assistant or patient. Result? Informed patient and improved team work with your staff.

Reliable support system

Sturdy yet mobile base with rubberized wheels for firm but easy movement with breaks for fixing position. See other mounting options on page 6.


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Combination of vision track equipment

Two socketed beam splitter can have any combination of the above devices that work together simultaneously.

Vision track with DSLR digital camera

Basic video recording and high-resolution still images for documentation, archive and educational purposes. Customized adaptors for DSLRs and most compact cameras available on request.

Adapter for camera e.g. Sony, Canon, Nikon

Recommended digital camera with removeable objective for Densim Optics microscopes.

Vision track with camcorder

High resolution preview and recording with your personal video camera recorder, e.g. SONY Handycam.

Diplomat-Dental unit and
DENSIM Dental Instruments

Dental Unit Integration:
This is the symbiotic combination of high-tech equipment to bring perfect results.

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