Turbine – VIENNA

DENSIM turbines –
sophisticated technology, quiet operation

Ergonomic shape of the instrument and simple, efficient design meet the requirements of the dentists. VIENNA turbine product line brings optimum parameters for reasonable price. Thanks to the premium spindle chuck mechanism made of wolfram carbide the life of the product is significantly increased. Practical push-button system allows quick and safe replacement of the bur. Chrome surface finish adds to the instrument quality and design. Use of ceramic bearings provides low noise level and vibration free operation.


Technical Data VIENNA
Max. speed (at 2.8 bar) 320.000 rpm
Recommended air pressure 2.1 – 2.8 bar
Bearings ceramic
Illumination without light
Power 19 Watt
Head type standard
Coating chrome
Spray system 4-hole
Reference number DSHE17


Efficiency of work


Four hole spray system, low vibrations and minimum noise level help to improve the comfort and work efficiency of the dentist.

4-hole connection

4 hole connection

DENSIM turbines can be connected to standard 4-hole hoses of Midwest type.