Find out lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivery of smooth power control. DENSIM Brushless Motors are designed for enhanced durability and offers an extended working life. For dental and medical applications.

DX / DX BLUE brushless micromotor can be used in all generall dentistry procedures and podology. Motor sensorless, with white light (LED)/blue (UV LED), with fluid, sterizable.

DX PRO / DX PRO BLUE brushless endodontic micromotor is additionally featured with endodontic functions like auto-revers, auto-forward supported by new Diplomat dental unit electronics. Application on general dentistry, endodontics.

DX SRG surgical brushless micromotor is specially dedicated for surgical and implantology treatments in combination with peristaltic pump installed on selected Diplomat dental units. With Hall Sensors, sterilizable.

4 o-rings in DX motors instead of 3 (except for DX SRG)
added o-ring close the water exit to avoid water going inside (return) the motor that could contaminate next pacient. Also stop liking water on the handpiece when motor is stopped.

DX brushless motors are subject to a
3-years warranty.

NEW! LED Blue Light System (UV LED) in DENSIM Motors!

A unique toll in dental medicine. Designed for use in different clinical situations, for composites removal, for caries excavation and to finish/polish composite restorations.

LED BLUE LIGHT make your life easier when removing composite from the tooth without damaging tooth mass.

LED Blue Light system counts with an unique system that is able to enhance any material with different fluorescence from the tooth structure, ensuring greater precision in the removal of restorative materials, reducing the occurrence of unnecessary damage to the healthy dental structure.


• Old composite restorations removal and especially figuring out if composite resin has been completely removed during drilling.
• Control of the correct elimination of bonded surface of orthodontics appliances.
• Caries detection tool during excavation.
• Finishing and polishing of composites and facilitating adhesive cements removal.
• Post-operative control of the margins of composite fillings.

Try it once and you will no longer work without it!
Save your money, time and eyes!