Motor – DX SRG

Find out lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivery of smooth power control. DENSIM Brushless Motors are designed for enhanced durability and offers an extended working life.

DX SRG surgical brushless micromotor is specially dedicated for surgical and implantology treatments in combination with peristaltic pump installed on selected Diplomat dental units.

Technical Data DX SRG
Applications Impantology, Surgery
Motor type brushless
Speed range 80-40 000 rpm
Torque 5 Ncm
Torque control Yes
Anti retraction valve function no
Illumination LED
LED BLUE Light system no
Weight 104 g
Dimensions ø 21,8 x 56,7 mm
Hose rotation yes
Sterilisable yes
Handpiece holder ISO 3964 yes
Handpiece holder INTRAmatic Lux® N/A
Warranty 3 years
Reference number DSDX301