Motor – DX & DX BLUE


Find out lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivery of smooth power control. DENSIM Brushless Motors are designed for enhanced durability and offers an extended working life.

DX / DX BLUE brushless micromotor can be used in all generall dentistry procedures.

Technical Data DX & DX BLUE
Applications Restorative, Prophylaxis
Motor type brushless
Speed range 1000-40 000 rpm
Torque 3.5 Ncm
Torque control No
Anti retraction valve function yes
Illumination LED
LED BLUE Light system DX BLUE
Weight 81 g
Dimensions ø 21,8 x 44,7 mm
Hose rotation yes
Sterilisable yes
Handpiece holder ISO 3964 yes
Handpiece holder INTRAmatic Lux® yes
Warranty 3 years
Reference number DSDX101/DSDX101B