Handpiece – PARIS U 1:1 LUX

PARIS handpieces – your first choice in the contra-angle range

After the first DUBLIN handpieces, the series of DENSIM now includes titanium coated light Straight and Contra angled handpieces in PARIS line. Feel the good, comfortable and secure grip each time you use it. In every situation, the instruments can be handled easily and precise.


Technical Data PARIS U 1:1 LUX
Max. speed 40.000 rpm
Transmission 1:1
Type contra-angle handpiece with light
Compatibility ISO 3964
Cooling internal
Burs RA ø 2,35 mm type
Coating titatium
Reference number DSLP11LSET



The contra-angle PARIS U 1 : 1 LUX provides the dentist with unprecented freedom of movement. It improves the visibility of the operative field and gives easier access  to posterior areas. The instruments offers easy servicing and ensure impeccable hygiene.



Exchangeable head for PARIS U 1:1 with titanium coating are highly durable and resistant to mechanical influences. All heads are equipped with the comfortable pushbutton system.
Reference number: DSLPH11